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If A Price Is Too Good To Be True... probably found it at the ReStore.

My Dad always taught me that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  And in most of life that rule will serve you well.  But don't come into the ReStore with that attitude or you might just walk away having trouble believing we exist.  At the ReStore everything is donated, which allows us to price and sell items far below standard retail!  While we don't negotiate our prices, if an item sits in the store we work to mark it down - because what we strive for is to have the items move.  And move they do.

Our regular customers will tell you that if you see a good buy you had better snap it up right away.  All too often I have customers come up and tell me that yesterday, or this morning, or fifteen minutes ago they saw an item they wanted to buy but it's gone now.  I am so often the bearer of bad news that we don't have any more, and we don't know when more will come in.  Such is life at the ReStore; but life is good for the people who take advantage of our great prices.  How good?

Recently, we sold an apartment refrigerator for $115, a brand new front door for $45, new vinyl shutters for $7/pair, and hardware for pennies on the dollar.  And if that $300 microwave is only $30 in the ReStore, does that mean it's broken?  Not at all.  We test all the electrical items that come into the ReStore.  Yes, that include the fridge, the stove, the toaster, the power saw, and everything else that comes in with a cord, so you can feel confident that what you're buying is a good value.  If it doesn't work, we don't put it on the floor.  Its just that simple.

So if you haven't stopped by yet, come check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.





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